Her Million Voices – Polina Gagarina (INTERVIEW – ENGLISH VERSION)


Polina Gagarina – a wonderful singer, actress. star in Russia. Coach in The Voice of Russia

Damian: You took second place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. How do you remember Eurovision Song Contest?

Polina : The Eurovision is a bright moment in my life. Bright and very exciting at the same time. This event gave me unforgettable experience, new fans and friends. I’m grateful to my fate, my fortune for all that!

e566e4fe9a73f962077e84242bb2af14Damian : What are your plans for the future of music?

Polina: As all ambitious actors, I’ve got a lot of plans. At this moment, I take part in the reality talent show “Golos” (the Voice) on the Russian television as a mentor. Yet I have a common initiative with a studio school for children, where I look for gifted kids and help them to fulfil their potential talent. I’m sure, these two projects will evolve in future time and give a birth to the new talented stars, popular singers. Not long ago I recorded a new song in Russian and made a video clip on it. The point is that the clip was directed in an absolutely unusual and different for me way: I used to be in the clips that was shooted in a studio hall but this new clip is almost the whole film! The shooting process took place on the backdrop of а swell country hotel. Yet this year I plan to give a recital in the North capital of our country, in Saint-Petersburg. The recital will close my annual tour across Russia. Next year I’m going to give a recital on the main stage of Russia in Moscow and go on tour in Europe.

Damian : Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Polina: I don’t have any idols as such. My mother was and is my only inspiration in my life. No surprise why. Firstly, she is the most intimate person for me. She always tells the truth, never says badly about me, and knows what I need. Secondly, she is an actress as well: my mom was a professional dancer who traveled through the half of the world, so she can give really useful tips from a professional point of view. As a child, she was my example to follow and, perhaps, because of the artistic vagrancy that my mom and I have during our lives, I wished to become an actress.


Damian: Do you have any passion besides music?

Polina: There is many things in my life which I value and pay attention to, including music. Yet, there is another side of my life, which is above all: above all concerns and worries – that is my mom, my son and my husband – my family. I live, I breathe and I do my music for them.


Damian: What do you think about Poland? Do you plan to visit Poland?
Polina: I favour Poland. It is an incredible country steeped in history, with unbelievably beautiful sculptural monuments and countless amount of health resorts. I do hope that there will be one or even several Polish cities in my tour list next year.

Damian : Thank you so much for interview. I invite you to my fanpage on Facebook. Soon surprise associated with Polina

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