Paper Iceland Queen – SVALA (INTERVIEW)


Interview with SVALA – represent Iceland on Eurovision Song Contest 2017. What does she think about Kasia Moś? Which is her plan?

In May in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev will be held another edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.
Last year’s competition was won by jazz artist Jamala with the song „1944”.
Iceland’s representative this year is SVALA. How did her music career begin? What is it planning?

Damian : Thank you very much for having found us some moments during the preparation for the Eurovision.

Damian : What kind of music you Create?

SVALA: My music has been known to be electronic pop music. I love synths and heavy bass and a good beat. My music is also kind of melancholy and sometimes very epic sounding.

It’s very interesting. So How and When started your „music Road”?

SVALA : Well let me start by telling you my full name, it´s Svala Karitas Björgvinsdóttir and I´m an icelandic singer and songwriter. I was born into the icelandic music industry because of my father Bo Halldorsson who is one of the most successful recording artists in Iceland. I started recording music when I was 7 years old. I´ve released countless singles and been in many bands throughout my career. I had my first number one single when I was 11 years old and then my second number one single when I was 16 years old in Iceland. When I was 20 years old I was signed by EMI in America and signed one of the biggest record contract ever made with an icelandic artist. My first american single which I co-wrote came out in 2001 and became quite popular in America and was on the top 30 Billboard Charts over there. I´ve released 2 solo albums and 3 albums with my band Steed Lord. I formed my band Steed Lord in 2006 and we had great success worldwide. Toured all over the world, designed a clothing line for H&M, had our music in a lot of american tv shows, commercials and a couple of movies. I moved to Los Angeles in 2009 and I´ve lived there for 8 years with my husband who is a songwriter, producer and director. I have my own clothing line called KALI which is sold online. Last year I formed my new band Blissful and our single Elevate came out and did really well on Spotify. I´ve been a judge on The Voice in Iceland for two seasons.

You love synths, heavy bass and good beat. Who are your biggest musical inspiration and Who?

SVALA : I would have to say Prince. I´ve always been a huge fan of his. Ever since I can remember he had such a huge impact on me as a songwriter and singer. He was a genius. He wrote, produced, sang and played most instruments on all of his songs. He also wrote and produced for other artists. He was always unque and original. I saw him perform twice live in LA where I live. It was the most mindblowing experience ever. Both shows were amazing. He will always be my biggest musical inspiriation.

Damian: Yeah, Prince is music legend. Now I Would like ask you about POLAND. Do you know any singers from Poland?

SVALA : No I don´t any singers from Poland. But I´m quite sure that you guys have amazing music there. I did a show with my band Steed Lord in Warsaw a couple of years ago and it was amazing. They love electronic music in Poland.

Damian : In Eurovision Song Contest 2017 – Polish represent will Kasia Moś with song „Flashlight”. What do you think about this artist and her song?

SVALA : I think it´s really good. I hope you guys do really well in Eurovision.

Damian :
What are your plan in the Future?

SVALA :  I´m releasing a second single with my band Blissful and our music video. We are doing shows all over, in the US and Europe. Recording lots of new music and releasing it.

Damian:  For more than a month, You will perform in one of the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine with song „Paper”. Which are your plan on perfomance on Eurovision in Kiev?

SVALA : It´s a secret. You´ll have to watch it live on tv. (Smile)

Damian: Thank you so much for interview. I wish you Good Luck in Kiev!

SVALA: Thank you for reading my interview. Have a beautiful day. Love and light to all. If you want to follow my Eurovision journey join me on my snapchat at svalakali and my instagram as svalakali.


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